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Hi there! My name is Sargon Benjamin. I’m a software engineer by day, aspiring fitness freak by other times in the day, and this is my website. I live in the California Bay Area, have a spanish flamenco guitar that needs my attention, and I like my Assyrian heritage. (And gettin’ caught in the mud of Spartan races.)

…or something like this:

This site hosts my musings on software, test automation, and some things fitness related. Software quality has many parallels with the world of obstacle course racing (uphill battles, muddy, challenges, grit).

I host a courseware web app for learning how to become a proficient test automation engineer. You can learn more at

Have fun and feel free to reach out!


Learn Kubernetes by doing

Lots of learning styles out there. I prefer to learn by practice. Getting my hands dirty and going from A -> Z, quite often using the straw-man approach. My employer, MapR, is working on a native Kubernetes (K8S) offering. To this end, understanding how to use K8S...

Silicon Valley Code Camp

Silicon Valley Code Camp

This last weekend, I attended the Silicon Valley Code Camp hosted at Paypal in San Jose. Aside from being 3 minutes away from the gym (this is a MAJOR factor me), the session schedule and speaker lineup looked solid. In particular, what caught my eye were the...

First article on LinkedIn

First article on LinkedIn

I published an article on LinkedIn What we learned about quality from scenes in movie Deepwater HorizonI'll still write blogs here. Here's the article text as it is on LinkedIn.Viewpoints regarding the factuality of the Deepwater Horizon adaptation aside, assessing...