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So, I’m at a new role now and am responsible for automation. Our app is a web app that will sit on JBoss Tomcat and we also create a db that sits on postgres. We support multiple languages. I guess the role is more of a process engineer who loves both the technology and testing. I don’t see myself implementing processes early on; rather, I see us handholding development in creating unit tests first and then implementing quality through the development life cycle as the code hits the build and then makes its way to the QA team.

  • JUnit 4, (cactus for in container testing?)


  • More JUnit
  • Perl scripts to validate build


  • HTTPUnit combined with a homegrown java framework to test out our app server + web app
  • Perl scripts to validate log file integrity

User Acceptance:

  • Selenium scripts

Load / Performance:

  • JMeter
  • HTTP UnitHomegrown perl tool