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I’m trying to look for or build a solid test management system. I’m more interested in a system that can act as a harness, something that schedules and executes automated tests. These tests may take the form of jar files, junit tests, shell scripts, bat files, etc. It would have to be smart enough to know about certain environments and OS nuances. I’m guessing it would have a plugin for custom logging so that it would know how to process the results of various test executions.

I’m not so much worried about roles, privileges, linking up with Bugzilla, or even test case storage (although these are niceties). I’m more interested in remote test case execution / scheduling and reporting of results.

I’ve skimmed through a couple tools and may just result to using our CruiseControl environment. I think I’ll add a listener that waits for a build to be published and then have it execute a shell script to set up the test environment and kick off various tests. This shouldn’t be difficult and could even be placed into one ANT script. I’m just curious as to how I can modify the CruiseControl dashboard to publish the functional test results. If any of y’all out there have experience in having CruiseControl launch your FVT scripts and then report on the results, then please hit me up.