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Who says you can’t have fun on your own dime and using just a dime? These sites are part of my ritual grind…

1. – Event, movie, venue listings, and more in just about any area. Most events are free.
2. – Screaming cheap deals and coupons on anything from clothes to electronics. The VP responds to most customer requests as well
3. – Where can you buy a $25 gift certificate for $4? Well here you can. This has become a new favorite of mine thanks to some friendly advice from my younger brother Paul.
4. – Keep track of ALL your finances (and I do mean all) from this nifty online tool. Its beautiful and elegant way of tracking your income and spending will make you wanting to save more green. If you want access to the beta program for ‘financial fitness’, then let me know via a message post. I may be able to get you access.
5. – Still one of my all time favorites 🙂 A really great site for reviewing and reading about restaurants (yes, I’m a foodie) and other sites / services. Really, you can read about local parks and local dentists. Check out my profile (
If you’re still complaining about not enough to do on the cheap after you’ve checked out these sites, then go spend a day reading a free book from you haggled away at a local garage sale, as you may be lacking in creativity and you may just be that cheap