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I had to change both my Android and iPhone apps to account for what I think was an underlying change in the Facebook API.  In particular, the ‘feed’ Graph API functionality seems to have undergone a seemingly significant change, though I can’t yet confirm this with any other developers.

Issue: The “picture” parameter is not being honored unless an additional parameter called “link” is also supplied.  I know that the picture would be displayed on facebook wall posts prior to Wednesday March 15, 2011; however, since then, the picture only gets displayed if a parameter titled “link” is also displayed


Bundle params = new Bundle();
params.putString(“access_token”, cc.getFacebook().getAccessToken());
params.putString(“message”, postMessage);
String urlPrefix = “http://www.sogwiz(dot)blogspot(dot)com”;
//the facebook API for the wall feed allows you to provide an image url
params.putString(“picture”, urlPrefix + pictureString)
//NOTE: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.  Picture no longer gets posted unless the link parameter is also supplied
//params.putString(“link”, “http://www.sogwiz(dot)blogspot(dot)com”);
params.putString(“description”, “sargon’s blog”);
//send facebook the request
String wallReturn = cc.getFacebook().request(“me/feed”, params, “POST”);

Can anyone please confirm and verify this?