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Dear everybody,

It’s been a second since we last spoke.  How are you?  As is the case when an acquaintance contacts you after a hiatus, it’s usually because she wants something from you.  This case is no different, though I am interested in seeing how you’ve been and reading about your latest and greatest Tweets!
See, I’ve been busy tinkering away with different mobile technologies and have run into a coding block.  I can’t quite figure out how to deploy an internal iOS app (.ipa file) to a physical iOS device in an automated way.
Why: A manual deployment and test process is too cumbersome and just doesn’t scale.  Our QA team needs a way to ensure the quality of our internal builds.  Currently, we create a .ipa internal iOS app file for QA to then download from a repository.  After downloading the file, a QA engineer then syncs the .ipa file to an iOS device via iTunes.

An ideal process would look like the following

  1. shell script that does an xcode build
  2. script to download the .ipa file from the repository and onto the QA machine
  3. deploy internal build file to device using iTunes or iPhone Configuration Utility
  4. run automated tests against the iPhone device using Instruments

I believe step 3 could be completed via AppleScript but I’m just not sure…  Have you deployed an iPhone app to your device using AppleScript against either iTunes or the iPhone Configuration Utility?  If so, I’d love to hear back from you.  

Pen Pal Sargon