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Time to take a breather from all the coding – wheeeew.  The absolute best way for me to strip away the mental rust that can come from a frustrating day of coding is actually to go BEAST mode on my body at the gym.  It hurts so good.

(Sargon Benjamin) – Rowers at 3rd Door in Palo Alto – (Sargon Benjamin)

What it is: A treadmill interval and weight routine circuit with no more than 10 seconds rest in between the treadmill interval and the weight routine.  The MOST important part of the workout to remember is that it is a DESCENDING workout.  This means that you need to increase the speed of the treadmill on each successive interval.  Why? This trains your body to progress through the workout, accelerate past the hurt, and get stronger longer.

Here’s the lowdown:
Name: the Sogwiz workout

  1. Treadmill: 15 minute SLOW jog at a moderate incline
  2. Stretch your legs and shoulders for 5 minutes
  3. Place 2 dumbbells behind the treadmill so that you can quickly access them after each treadmill interval
  4. Perform 3 *rounds of 3 minutes
  5. Perform 4 rounds of 2 minutes
  6. Perform 3 rounds of 1 minute
  7. Recover : Stretch


  1. Treadmill Interval: 3 minute treadmill interval followed by 20 second jog (you don’t want to just jump off the treadmill as you’ll want to keep your legs loose and warm. The last thing we want to do is get injured)
  2. Weight Routine: Hop off the treadmill and perform the **weight routine

**Weight routine:

  1. 6-10 reps of bicep curl to shoulder press
  2. 6-10 reps of shrugs
  3. Place dumbbells on ground and do 10-15 pushups

NOTE: The weight routine is all 1 exercise with no rest or placing of weights down

There are dozens of fun variations to this routine, especially if you have a group.  The best variant I’ve performed is to alternate one person rowing a 550meter erg (land rowing machine) piece during the interval.  We only stop the interval once that person finishes the 500meter erg piece – talk about pressure, sheesh!

I’d love nothing more than to have folks comment about their variations or tips to enhance this workout.  I’d also love to hear your experience with this routine.
– Sargon Benjamin