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148 Apps (they’re kinda big) hosts a Best App Ever Awards and ViBe for Android has bounced into the Finals.  This is quite the honor considering there were 7,243 mobile apps in the runnings. I’m proud to be a finalist in the ‘Best Special Needs’ category, as we truly feel that ViBe makes a difference for the hearing impaired community.  We’ve heard from a number of deaf advocates that ViBe has broken down communication barriers.  Please spare 2 min to go in and vote with each link for each category. Jan 25, 2011 deadline.
1. Click the links below
2. Click ‘Vote for ViBe’ button
3. Repeat the process for each link (it takes 3 seconds for each link).
4. Comment on this blog post once you’ve voted and I’ll send you some love

Voting Links:
Most Innovative App
Best Special Needs App
Best Use of Hardware App
Best Ringtone App