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I feel that most of us don’t live the life we really want to live.  Are you really getting what you want out of life? How accomplished is your bucketlist … do you even have a bucketlist?

Work hard.  

We’re entrenched with this motto as the path to success, to attaining what you really want out of life.  It’s simple and, like so many other simple mantras, it holds a great deal of truth.

The only real successes I’ve encountered in my journey have required hard work.  Earning the trust of my colleagues & my customers, getting a Masters Degree, and launching 10 mobile apps.  Heck, I even consider myself a decent flamenco guitarist as of late.

I think most folks do work hard and firmly believe in the work hard motto.  As I mentioned earlier, I also feel that most of us aren’t getting what we really want out of life.  So why the dissonance?  Why is it that people are working really hard and still not living the life they want to live?  You may be tempted to respond that it’s due to working too hard…funny.

2 factors:

  1. write it down: write down what you want (a new car, graduating from high school, a trip with friends)
  2. share it with someone: tell a friend what you want once you’ve written it down.  It will make you more accountable and that person will likely offer you encouragement  

This is where liveWants comes in.  It’s an app that lets you visually share and track what you want out of life.  Take a picture of something you want, share it with your friends, and then track it.

You love once. liveWants.