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Here’s a new twist on one of my favorite workouts .  I’m using this routine to get me back into the shape I used to be at.

Sargon Benjamin
Sargon Benjamin. 49ers fan but wore my Raiders beenie to look hard

It’s an interval workout on the treadmill that alternates between treadmill sprints and a weightlifting exercise.

What you need:

  1. Access to a treadmill / field / track
  2. A pair of dumbbell weights that you can perform either 6-10 reps of bicep curls or shoulder dumbbell presses
  3. A water bottle… filled with water or sports beverage
  4. courage
  1. Stretch: 5 minutes
  2. Jog for 10 minutes to get your body warm and lubricated
  3. Interval – repeat this for a total of 8 intervals allowing for no more than 60 seconds to perform the weight routine
    1. 90 seconds on treadmill sprint at high speed*
    2. Get off the treadmill and do 6-10 reps of either bicep curls or dumbbell shoulder presses (this total period should be 60 seconds! very VERY important)
  4. Warmdown : stretch, yoga headstand, call your mom, do whatever it takes to lower your heart rate here
*It takes time for a treadmill to ramp up and ramp down to a desired speed.  I allot 15 seconds for the treadmill to ramp up and another 15 seconds for the treadmill to ramp down.