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It can be hard to find the time to learn a new language like Assyrian (Aramaic, Syriac).  These are the best apps and websites that take the language classroom with you.  The title says the “top 6” apps.  Well, I lied. I’m actually going to describe the top 7.

  • Assyrian ABCs – app
    • great learning app & game for the Assyrian alphabet.  Trapped in the jungle, you must find a way to escape by learning the names of the wildlife and their corresponding alphabet character. The Android and iPhone app are a must have for your pocket / purse as your kids won’t be able to put it down!
  • Assyrian – app
    • utility iPhone and android app for anything Assyrian, including the alphabet.  Also links to various Assyrian events and businesses in your area.  It’s free too!
  • Ishtar Games – app
    • my favorite Aramaic game.  This android and iPhone app is packed with 3 mini games in one.  Earn coins and unlock characters as you jam on the piano, help save animals, and skyjump your way to the Gates of Ishtar 
  • Learn Assyrian by Madeline Davis – website
    • just stumbled upon Learn Assyrian the other day.  Site includes numerous youtube lectures as well as links to Madeline’s listings.  She has some great Assyrian short stories like Igra .
  • Zalinville – app & website
    • one of my absolute favorite Assyrian apps is Zalineville.  The app supports two dialects of Assyrian (Suryoye Syriac & Eastern Assyrian).  It’s a memory game not so different from Lumosity and it really sets the bar for fun Assyrian learning tools.  Available on web and android – coming soon to iPhone.  One word – addictive!
  • Sahra Moon Story – app & book
    • an interactive experience meant for children, this book app is THE bedtime story for Assyrians.  It’s the 1st ever book app for Assyrian.  Co-created by Romil and Vick Benyamino, Sahra takes children on an epic journey of wondrous landscapes and epic proportions.  Available as hardcover book, iPad app, Android Google Play, and coming July 2014 to iPhone  
  • AssyrianLanguages – online dictionary
    • An awesome online dictionary, this thing actually works! Type in an English word and you’ll get a smart search that returns Assyrian words.  The search is smart in that it searches for synonyms and related words when you type in your search.  The best part is that the search results are in Assyrian! This tool packs way more features too – you just got to check it out for yourself.  It was developed by the Association of Assyriophile de France, including Jean-Paul Sliva and Olivier Lauffenburger ( a high-fly computer analyst and programmer who designed the slick piece of software ). 2 words – merci bocu !
Honorable mentions… (drumroll)….

  • Hergo Aramaisch Fur Alle – android app
    • This app saved me on my journey in Atra (Southern Turkey – Mardin, Tur Abdin).  It’s easy to use and provides quick translations from English to Suryoyo. Great great free app
  • – online tool
    • Really cool resource with valuable pdf files and tools you can sift through
  • – online portal to learn Syriac (Western dialect)
    • really awesome gem for children and adults. Features games for children as well as an online dictionary.  Really really valuable tool. Also available as an android app
DISCLAIMER: I was involved in the development of 3 of the above mentioned apps / tools, including Assyrian, Assyrian ABCs, and Sahra Moon Story.

Did I miss some resources out? I’m sure I did. Please include them in the comments