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Dear Three20 Framework & Developers (Jeff Verkoeyen)

Today marks the final day I’m using the Three20 iOS framework for one of our iPhone Apps (Assyrian)
Despite the numerous warnings provided on your archived repo github page years ago against using Three20, I went ahead and used it anyways.  I used it because it got the job done.

It. got. the. job. done.  

It provided iOS developers with enough boiler-plating to get up and running quickly with a fairly complete iPhone app.  In fact, we ‘templatized’ an app generator script that would generate new Three20 based iPhone apps, complete with custom URL mappings.  It all worked just fine.

Until iOS8.  And even in iOS8, most of the functionality works great!  You guys did an awesome job and I just want to say thank you.  I’m using NimbusKit now and it’s super nice.  The dependency architecture is flexible and simple.  Thank you for maintaining NimbusKit, providing a migration guide, and just being active in the developer community.

I’ll toast to Three20 tonight and to the solid developers who created it, then developed NimbusKit, and beyond.