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I created a repo on github for a starter boilerplate framework to build off of when doing automated API testing.

  • language: java
  • test framework: testng
  • http client: Retrofit & OKHTTP by Square
  • logging: logback / slf4j
  • build & dependency management: maven

I’ll passively update the repo as the project is meant to be barebones and for anyone to pick it up and fork / modify it to suit their needs.

Some cool features it supports:

  • an http interceptor (okhttp by square) that allows you to do things like inject the headers and various url params before sending a request as well as logging both the request & response without each test having to do so
  • each test method gets its own log file thanks to the logback MDC feature
  • each test has fine grain access to the http request and response

You can find the repo here

Most frameworks have architecture diagrams so I’m including one as well…

I hope that diagram was helpful