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Do you cron your UI and API tests pointing to production using your own test clients or do you use a hosted solution?

I’ve been looking into the following:

  • New Relic Synthetics
    • overall, seems like a simple and quick way to get some basic API (using the vanilla js Request lib) and UI (webdriver js) monitor tests up and running
      • only supports Chrome web browser
  • Set up a CI trigger to run specific tests:
    • UI tests on SauceLabs or BrowserStack
      • support for mobile and browser configs
    • API tests from the CI agent node itself

We’re currently using the latter option as it grants greater flexibility and robust support for various configurations.
Though, the added nicety, aside from the simplicity, of New Relic Synthetics is that it unifies the testing codebase to javascript for both the UI and API tests.  Which bears the question, should your API and UI tests be written in the same language? Sure, they can both be BDD, but is it important that both the API and UI tests be written in the same language?