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Anonymized trend data is tracked on the SargonSays site so that we can create a better user experience.

Happy users = more usage of the dictionary = keeping the Assyrian language alive.

Data Analytics: Users aren’t using SargonSays solely as a dictionary; rather, they are using it as a translator. 

People are typing in long phrases and expecting the site to respond with results similar to Google Translate, which doesn’t yet have the Assyrian language. Rather than discourage users from using SargonSays as a translation tool by giving them no search results, why not make them happy? Why not attempt to help them in a meaningful way?

Starting today, the site will provide users with a set of “Related Searches” that best match their search. So even though we can’t yet provide you with a word-for-word translation when given an input phrase or sentence, we’ll atleast be able to help users stitch the words together, like stepping stones.

This was made possible via a text index search feature in MongoDB.  The data in SargonSays is pre-processed so that searches are fast; however, this means that real-time fuzziness is non existent.  SargonSays is built on the premise of being an extremely high quality dictionary with high fidelity search results for exact words, not long phrases.  
Huh? To accommodate users who are looking to use SargonSays as an English-to-Assyrian translator, I made use of a feature in MongoDB that allows for free form text search by indexing certain fields and placing weights on the more important fields.
The end result is that users will now get meaningful search results when, previously they may have gotten nothing back at all. 

I’m currently only indexing a small part of the dictionary – just the term relationships. This provides users with high fidelity search results and a simple user experience. Next steps would be to give users the option to fully control an advanced search experience. Here, I’ll remove the training wheels and expose a full text search of the underlying content itself, rather than just the relationships. Dictionary definitions and meanings that normally wouldn’t be exposed will now have a high chance of being unearthed.

Aveeton basimeh (may you be thanked!)