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Lots of learning styles out there. I prefer to learn by practice. Getting my hands dirty and going from A -> Z, quite often using the straw-man approach.

My employer, MapR, is working on a native Kubernetes (K8S) offering. To this end, understanding how to use K8S via a simple app seemed like the right place to start onboarding and socializing other engineers to the K8S ecosystem.

Arun Gupta of Amazon created a great tutorial that goes through the following:

  1. Compile run a java web app locally via maven
  2. Then run the same app using Docker via a multi stage Docker file
    1. He includes customizations for shrinking the Docker image (I skipped this part)
  3. Deploy the app using K8S
  4. Deploy the app using Helm to simply the deployment on Kubernetes
  5. Deploy cluster on cloud K8S provider and change kubectl contexts to point to different clusters
  6. Istio and Traffic Shifting
    1. I skipped the Istio portion and just followed Traffic Shifting. Very useful exercise here

I forked Arun’s repo to suit our needs. That repo can be found here