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The Assyrian Podcast interviewed my brother Paul Benjamin and I in their 76th episode. Topics included:

  • Technology
  • Assyrianism
  • Triathlons and Spartan Races

I absolutely love podcasts. I listen to software engineering, fitness, business, NPR, lifestyle, and sports podcasts when working out and driving. Listening to podcasts while working out does 2 things.

Shifts focus away from the physical struggle

I find it easier to get through a workout when my mind is distracted. You can cover the treadmill stats with a towel, watch the tv, and listen to music. I prefer to listen to an engaging conversation and lose myself in it – the side benefit here is that it gets me through a workout. I’d be curious to hear a scientific case pointing to the benefits of actively listening to your body during a workout because that could indeed sway me away from listening to podcasts whilst working out. See, I’m not actively listening to my body while exercising / running – I’m more focused on the podcast conversation and ensuring I don’t get hit by a biker / car!

Simultaneously working out the mind and body leads to better memory retention?

The podcasts I listen to are educational, by and large. What if I were to tell you that I think your muscle fibers more efficiently retain the information transmitted in a podcast when those same muscle fibers are exercising? I believe the auditory aspect of the educational lesson mixed with the kinetic nature of exercising creates some sort of synergy that allows for better retention. But, I’m no scientist and it really doesn’t make all that much sense. The point is, I believe in it and so I’ll allow it to continue working for me.

References for topics discussed in the Assyrian Podcast: