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A way to personal and software fitness

Hi there! My name is Sargon Benjamin. I'm a software engineer by day, aspiring fitness freak by other times in the day, and this is my website. I live in the California Bay Area. This site hosts my musings on software, test automation, and some things fitness related. Software quality has many parallels with the world of obstacle course racing (uphill battles, muddy terrain, gritty challenges)

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Seeding mongodb via docker-compose

As a developer checking out a project or codebase, I liken the experience to going to a car dealer for a test drive. I just want to get to the “test drive” as quickly as possible - I don’t want to sign a bunch of papers, talk with multiple employees, and spend time...

Learn Kubernetes by doing

Lots of learning styles out there. I prefer to learn by practice. Getting my hands dirty and going from A -> Z, quite often using the straw-man approach. My employer, MapR, is working on a native Kubernetes (K8S) offering. To this end, understanding how to use K8S...

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UI and API continuous testing monitors

Do you cron your UI and API tests pointing to production using your own test clients or do you use a hosted solution?I've been looking into the following:New Relic Syntheticsoverall, seems like a simple and quick way to get some basic API (using the vanilla js Request...

In learning, you will teach. And in teaching, you will learn.

A focused dev community, interested in learning about fitness and software.

If you’d like to contribute, please reach out and let me know what your interests are.

Code Quality

QA, Testing, Automation


Here’s some of our work

Leadership Ideas

Team management, leadership book lists


Big Data, Database Designs, No-SQL

Health & Fitness

We’re OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) enthusiasts. Think “Spartan” races.


Javascript, ReactJS, Node, Express, EJS


These articles are step by step walkthroughs. Just follow the yellow brick road!

Apps & Games

Made some mobile apps in the past, mainly Assyrian related. 


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Leaders make mistakes

This post will itemize my list of Software Engineering Management resources to help recover from mistakes and prevent repeat occurrences. As leaders, we make mistakes. I’m sharing my collection of beloved resources that have helped me both tactically and also inspired...