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Software for gaming, target shooting, real estate, and brokerage trading

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Generating Flame Graph for Java App

Generating Flame Graph for Java App

Profiling is good. Errrrm, it's good for debugging the performance and runtime of a Java app, in particular the functions that the CPU spends most of its cycles in. We recently had a customer filed bug where CPU usage for a particular java based process would rise...

Spartan Races and MapR Dataware

Spartan Races and MapR Dataware

I’m a Spartan racer and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) enthusiast! And.... I work at MapR. Since data matters in sports performance, I pondered if we could combine the power of both Spartan and MapR to create an epic data experience. The first goal was: “As a Spartan...

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In learning, you will teach. And in teaching, you will learn.

A focused dev community, interested in learning about fitness and software.

If you’d like to contribute, please reach out and let me know what your interests are.

Code Quality

QA, Testing, Automation


Here’s some of our work

Leadership Ideas

Team management, leadership book lists


Big Data, Database Designs, No-SQL

Health & Fitness

We’re OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) enthusiasts. Think “Spartan” races.


Javascript, ReactJS, Node, Express, EJS


These articles are step by step walkthroughs. Just follow the yellow brick road!

Apps & Games

Made some mobile apps in the past, mainly Assyrian related. 

Why sargonsays was created

Why sargonsays was created

Why sargonsays was created“How do you preserve a dying language? Why even bother and what’s the point?”. These questions reverberate in my mind, incessantly ringing like a phone that no one is picking up.  I speak an esoteric language, one that is on the brink of...