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This last weekend, I attended the Silicon Valley Code Camp hosted at Paypal in San Jose. Aside from being 3 minutes away from the gym (this is a MAJOR factor me), the session schedule and speaker lineup looked solid. In particular, what caught my eye were the Technical Leadership / Management track and the cloud/container/kubernetes focus.

My tentative schedule looked like this:

9:30am -mgmt: managing in an agile world
1:00pm – mgmt: leadership lessons People learn the hard way
2:15pm – mgmt: you don’t know what you don’t know! insights
2:15pm – k8s: Java devoloper’s journey in k8s land (easy to follow github repo instructions . Really good session)
3:45pm – 400 Billion messages a day with Kafka at Paypal
5pm : top 10 microservices with Redis

9:15am : container: Terraform + Packer + Docker = winning devops
10:45 am Sunday: k8s: redis in containers and k8s
12:45pm – MongoDB aggregation like a champ : AWESOME session by Nuri Halperin (this guy is hilarious too! Also helps that he knows what he’s talking about. Was quickly able to cook up some queries and code ad-hoc to address questions from the audience)
2:15pm  – help them stay : leading for staff retention
2:15pm – How to ruin any software development project

Definitely going again next year and highly recommend checking it out!